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genealogical & heraldic research

uncover the stories of your Slovak ancestors

We connect people from all over the world with their Slovak roots

in our research, we use a complex system of sources of information about the researched persons.

Thanks to this, you will get to know your ancestors from different angles. In our practice, in addition to registers, we also rely on alternative sources such as maps, urbaries, population censuses, newspaper articles, emigration reports from the USA, etc.

why choose us?

fair price offer

Other genealogy companies often charge exorbitant amounts for their services. We will be happy to adapt to your budget and choose an affordable research variant

you will save your time

You don't have to travel anywhere. We will agree on cooperation online

verified information

We try to verify each data from different sources. In case of misunderstandings, we contact clients

you can get to know your relatives

After processing the family tree, the client can decide to publish their data online, where there is a high chance of matching people from other family trees.

you will discover a legacy

During socialism, many plots were nationalized and some plots may still belong to your ancestors. We will help you discover and put this property back in your hands

we adapt the graphic creation of the family tree to the unique requirements of the client.

It is important to enrich the data obtained through research with graphic elements that will bring you closer to the geographical or cultural background of the lives of your ancestors. A period photograph of the church where they were baptized and married, or an old map of the homestead where they worked or the tools that provided them with a living, are suitable for the profiles of the people in your family tree.

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genealogical & heraldic research
Our services are available 24/7.

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Slovak Republic
E-mail: info@pribehrodu.sk

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